Belarus. Beauty and power. The centre of Europe and its mistery.

Let's start from the very beginning.


A seed is a receptacle. It is the beginning. A seed is one word and a million pictures. None of them is alike. A seed means evolution, a mistery, and the miracle of creation.

Belarus is a land, a thought and living water. It is what brings us back to life after any loss. It is an invincible genetic code. It is the DNA of the Belarusians that embraces everybody's strength, intellect and talents in order to upload the best achievements.

Belarus has a European business culture. We have profound educational traditions in science and technology. This has laid the foundations for an ITboom in Belarus. The employment rate of specialists in knowledge-intensive industries brings Belarus to the first position in Europe.

We are leaders working with leaders. Minsk is the 2nd most cost-effective city in Europe. Everything is mutually beneficial!

Our evident secret is in ourselves. We are here. We grow. We harvest the crops and sow the seeds again.

Belarus. Small seeds - big trees!

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