Holding “GOMSELMASH” and company “DVR Infratech” create a joint venture in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Last week the parties signed Memorandum of Association, and joint Belarusian-Indian enterprise will be registered under the name “Gomselmash-India” in the nearest future.

On the photo, from right to left: Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in India V. Prima, deputy sales director in far abroad countries of “Gomselmash” Y. Rafeev, managing director of “DVR Infratech” D. Rana, First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in India P. Skoybeda, head of the Bureau of Legal department of “Gomselmash” A. Kharkov.

Mr. Yury Rafeev, deputy sales director in far abroad countries of “Gomselmash” commented on it: “In India usually there is no need in powerful machinery – local farmers work on small areas. That is the reason “PALESSE GS 575” grain harvester will perfectly suit for the fields of this eastern country. We are glad to inform that “PALESSE GS 575” will be sent for the first time to India this summer.”

According to the experts, India's annual demand for new harvesters is about 4000 units, so the joint Belarusian-Indian enterprise has a very promising potential for growth.

At the moment the joint venture is at the stage of registration, but the next year the manufacture created from scratch will start the production of agricultural machinery.

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