HMP IN CAMEROONHolding “GOMSELMASH” successfully tested cotton harvesters in Cameroon. This is the first pilot batch of cotton harvesters “HMP-1,8”, which was supplied at the beginning of this year to an African country. The group of specialists of “GOMSELMASH” set off for Cameroon in February, they made the setting up, as well as tested the harvesters in operation.

“According to the results of the tests, Belarusian harvesters were given a very high rating. Currently, HMP-1,8 continues to work on cotton harvesting in Cameroon without our presence”, said Yuri Rafeev, Head of Sales Department in the Far Abroad.

There was held a special seminar with a demonstration of the vehicle’s capabilities for potential dealers from neighboring Western Africa countries where large areas under cotton plant are available, including Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, and Benin.

Successful tests became the basis for negotiations on the supply of cotton harvesters to Cameroon on a permanent basis. “Preliminary agreements indicate that holding “GOMSELMASH” can significantly increase its presence in the region”, Yuri Rafeev noted.

The company developed the cotton harvesting combine aggregated with tractor MTZ-80Х at the end of 2014. The equipment has already been tested in the fields of Central Asian countries.

Cotton-harvesting machine is equipped with stalk crowders, which provide the best cut of cotton bush and move them into cotton picking device, where cotton separates from bushes. Then, with the help of airflow, cotton moves to bunker. The combine's capabilities are fully adapted to the technology of cotton growing in tropical Africa.

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