Typ: pull-type
Aggregated with tractors power class
Row width

«PALESSE PT25» AND «PALESSE PT23» comply with the requirements of harvest tecnology needed for succesful time efficient harvesting. These machines makes the proccess cost effective and comfortable meanwhile high productivity of machines makes them in-demand for farms with well-developed potato growing .

Combine works at fields with 70–75 and 90 centimeters inter-rows and equiped with sorting tables with working places for a staff.

Semitrailed potato harvester «PALESSE PT25» has a tank with capacity of 2000-2500 kg, and can be agregated with wheeled tractor of 1, 4 drawbar category.

Semitrailed potato harvester «PALESSE PT23» is used for potato harvesting on fields with high yield per unit (300 centner/ha or more), can be aggregated with wheeled tractor of 2 drawbar category. The harvester has a tank with capacity of 4500-5000 kg, strengthened, more solid base construction, strengthened rail of wheeles and tires of higher carrying power.

Using a set of adapters KAN, which can be purchased on request, machines can be used for onion and table beet harvesting. Adapters are placed on receiving-digging part of combine.

Type semitrailed semitrailed
Number of raws farmed synchronously 2 2
Digging depth relatively to top of the ridge, up to, m 0,25 0,25
Unloading height, up to, mm 2800 2800
Height of falling potato, cm, up to 35 35
Dimensions of the complex in working position, mm, up to:
- Lenght 10500 10000
- Width 5200 5200
- Height 4000 4000
Dimensions of the complex in transportation position, mm, up to:
- Lenght 10500 10000
- Width 4000 4000
- Height 4000 4000
Weight, kg 7500 6800
Operating speed, km/h 2-6 2-6
Transportation speed, km/h, up to 15 15
Rear wheel spacing, mm 2100 2100
Tires 20,0/60-22,5 Bel87 16,5/70-18
Potato tuber retrieval %, not less than 97 97
Clearance, mm, minimum 200 200
Min inside turning radius, m, up to 9,5 9
Storage hopper:
Type With bottom unloader With bottom unloader
Capacity, kg 4500-5000 2000-2500
Pressure, MPa 16+1 16+1
Capacity, l 75+2,25 75+2,25
Electric equipment of harvester:
Nominal voltage of engine electrical system, V 12 12
Number of servicemen:
Tractor driver 1 1
Sorter 0-4 0-4
Tool and hydro station drive From PTO shaft with speed rate 9 c-1 From PTO shaft with speed rate 9 c-1


Potato tuber retrieval %,

not less than

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