Cultivator hiller ridger

2 YEARS Warranty
Cultivator hiller ridger
Aggregated with tractors power class
Coverage width, m
Row width

Kultivator KGO 4.jpeg.cutCultivator hiller ridger serves to prepare a high quality seedbed and make rows or ridges at the same time and for laying technologic path with inter-rows of 70 and 75 sm width. Ridgers with nose parts and rolling mouldboard, devices for preparing seedbed and hydroficated marker shoe are used in this construction.

Cultivator provides weed destruction by ridge augmentation to 30 sm, friability of soil maintaining in ridgers till harvesting. By these means increase of yield in 15% on average and high productivity of potato harvester are achieved.

Functional coverage, not less m 2,8-3,1
Numder of ridges, rest-balks or number of rows units 4
Row-width spacing sm 70-75
Depth of cultivation in one pass at each processing step sm 4-20
Height of ridges or rest-balks sm 8-30
Constructional weight, up to kg 1050-1100
Transportation speed km/h 20
Overall dimensions of cultivator in transport position
Length mm 2600
Width mm 3700-4000
Height mm 2800
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