Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS14"

2 years Warranty
Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS14"
Engine power
Threshing system (double drums)
Separation system (6 keys straw shaker)

PALESSE GS14 – 1700 mm width of threshing device, optimization of threshing by pre-accelerating of grain mass flow, long 6 keys straw shaker of impressive area (7,5 m2), 400 hp engine power with great motor capacity.  On assumption of these parameters expert already understands that it is powerful and heavy duty for harvesting of large areas of high yielding grain crops as well as wide range of other threshed crops. 

To this we should add header with fully automatic copying of field relief, feeding chamber with dust removing system, high-speed system of unloading of grain. Moreover, undoubted advantage of combine PALESSE GS14 is high level of automated control of performed process, wide ergonomic cab and operators comfort, and effective solutions for improving stability of operation and reducing of  maintenance time.

Header part
Header Super Cut coverage width 9,2 m   standard
Cutting mechanism of header rt
Knifes motion speed movement/minute 1108
Copying system Auto Contour   standard
Hydraulic drive of reel   standard
Auto adjustment reel rotation speed   standard
Stem lifters   standard
Emergency stop of header   standard
Trolley for header transportation   standard
Fingerless cutting mechanism for harvesting at meliorated peat bogs   option
Cutting height of header:    
-with contour following mm 50-200
-without contour following mm 50-1100
Weight of header, not more than kg 2950
Feeding chamber
Hydraulic reverse of feeding chamber   standard
Fan for removing of dust from header   standard
Threshing device, straw shaker, separation
Width of threshing device mm 1700±20
Stone catcher   standard
Double drum system with accelerating drum   standard
Diameter of threshing drum mm 600
Frequency of threshing drum rotations without reduction gear / with reduction gear rpm 582-1152 / 243,6-483,6
Diameter of accelerating drum n gear mm 450
Frequency of accelerating drum rotations without reduction gear / with reduction gear rpm 618-1230 / 260,5-516,6
Separation area of main concave on gear m2 1,26
Electric adjustment of concave gap from cabin   standard
Diameter of cushioning beater  mm 380
Final threshing in threshing drum   standard
Quantity of straw shaker keys  pcs 6
Separation area of straw shaker m3 7,5
Length of straw shaker keys, not less than mm 4360
Quantity of separation stages / separation sieves area pcs. / m2 2 / 5,8
Auto adjustment  of sieves shutter    standard
Adjustment of cleaning fan speed from cabin   standard 
Frequency of cleaning fan rotations  mm 504 / 1 560
Grain tank
Vertical «tower» feed of grain for unloading Quick Lift   standard
Grain tank volume l 9000
Productivity of unloading device l/sec 100
Loading height of unloading auger, not less than mm 4100
Length of boom of unloading auger mm 4925
Rotation angle of unloading auger, not less than   101o
Enhanced comfortcabin cabin   standard
Air conditioner, fan    standard
Heater   option
Multifunction control lever    standard
Data control system based on on-board computer with LCD display    standard
Hydrostatic drive   standard
Electro hydraulic control of gear   standard 
Quantity of wheels: driven/driving   2/2
Tires of driven wheels   600/65R28
Tires of driving wheels   900/60R32
Wheels track: driven/driving  mm 3 230/3 190
Basis  mm 3790
Clearance  mm 380
Producer   Cummins
Engine model   QSM11
Nominalenginepower kW 294
Nominalenginepower h.p. 400
Fuel tank volume l 800
Overall dimensions and weight
Length/width/height with header in operation position mm 10950 / 9700 / 4870
Weight of standard set (without transport truck) kg 20160±600
Devices, equipment, and other options
Device for rapeseed harvesting, capturing width 9,2 m   option
Kit with header for corn harvesting (8 rows)   option
Header for sunflower harvesting. (12 rows)   option
Automatic lubrication system   standard
Operating speed, not more than km/h 10
Travelling speed, not more than km/h 20
Republic of Belarus, Logoysk district, Gastilovichi village
Director of farm cooperative "Logoyskiy"

Combine harvesters GS14 (serial number №0007 and №0008) arrived to the farm cooperative "Logoyskiy" on 28th July 2015 and have worked from 30th July during harvesting of grain crops.

Since the beginning of harvesting the machines harvested: № 0008 - more than 2 000 tons of grain, № 0007 - more than 1 700 tons with an average yield of 48 hundredweight/ha. The daily grain output of harvesters was from 100 to 150 tons of grain. Maximum grain output was 182 tons (№0008).

Wide threshing unit (1700 mm), double-drum threshing system, powerful screen-air cleaning, long straw walker, powerful engine provides high performance of the machines with minimal grain losses. Cutter bar provides high-quality cut at high speed of the machine. High productivity and reliability of machines allowed the combine drivers to score the first in Logoysk district 1 000 tons of harvested grain.

Comfortable cabin with air conditioner, automatic lubrication system, grain losses control system, the possibility to set and to control the harvester from the cabin helps the combine driver. Automatic speed control system of work tools allows to avoid accident situations and harvester blocking.

Specifics of the combine driver work in the farm cooperative "Logoysk" is the presence of a significant number of fields with high longitudinal and transverse slopes, on some fields in excess of 8°. Harvesters have shown the ability to work on slopes with an acceptable level of grain losses. Combine drivers speak positively and gladly work on harvesters GS14.

I believe that by providing of fail safe performance the harvesters are a good alternative to a high-performance machines foreign manufacturers.


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