Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS12А-1"

2 years Warranty
Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS12А-1"
Engine power
Threshing system (double drums)

Combine harvester GS12A-1 is a further development of the popular grain harvester GS12 at a higher engineering level with improved design.

List of changes made to the design of the harvester GS12A-1 compared to the harvester GS12:

  • There was changed the construction of feed elevator, installed a dust extraction, also were used conveyor chains “IVIS” and installed 4-row belt drive. This way we increased reliability of technical process and guaranteed the comfort of machine operator (reduction of dust level in front of the grain header).
  • Grain bunker volume was extended to 9 m3, which increases an output per shift of the harvester.
  • A platform vibrator was installed in the grain bunker, that provides safety unloading of high humidity grain and elimination of arch formation.
  • Strengthened shaking board and suspension links increase reliability of technical process while harvesting wheat and corn of high humidity.
  • There were used side hybrid-plastic machine hoods.
  • There were some changes made in the cabin, so it became even more comfortable.
  • There were installed decorative plastic fence on straw walker hood.
  • There were changed headlamps, bumper and masks on a cab subframe.
  • As an option, with Mercedes engine can be used following components: multifunction jack “Faster” (connecting the grain header with thresher), hydrostatics “Sauer Danfoss” and other hydraulic components of worldwide known producers.
  • As an option, on the combine harvester it is possible to install the air filter of increased dust holding capacity "MANN-HUMMEL", Germany, to extend the time between maintenance.

Grain harvesting combine “PALESSE GS12A-1” conforms the best analogues of the world manufacturers with it`s operating process parameters. At the same time the working cost of harvesting is several-fold lower due to low purchase price and owning cost.

Engine model   JaMZ-238DE-22, JaMZ-238DE2-27,
DTA530E, DTA570E
Nominal engine power kW 243, 240, 235
Nominal engine power h.p. 330, 326, 320
Threshing drum width mm 1500
Threshing drum diameter
- first mm 600 (pre-accelerator) 
- second  mm 800 (threshing drum) 
Frequency of threshing drum rotations rpm 440-875
Type of straw shaker    5 keys
Separation area, not less than  m2 6,15
Total sieve area, not less than m2 5,0
Total separation area of concave, not less than m2 2,39
Separation  three stage
with blow of each stage
Grain tank
Grain tank type  transformable,
with automatic signaling of filling and forced unloading 
Grain tank volume, not less than m3 9,0
Loading height of unloading auger, not less than mm 4000
Length of boom of unloading auger, not less than mm 3300
Control of unloading auger   electro hydraulic control from operators seat 
Angle of unloading auger turning, not less than degree 101
Throughput on grain mass, not less than kg/s 12
Capturing width of header  m 6,0; 7,0; 9,2
Capturing width of pick-up m 3,4
Fuel tank volume  l 600
Overall dimensions and weight 
Dimensions of standard set (self-propelled thresher, grain header with 7 meters capturing width) in operating position, up to: 
- length mm 11200
- width mm 7600
- height mm 4650
Weight of standard set (without transport truck) kg 16600
Devise for rapeseed harvesting. Capturing width m 6,0; 7,0
Kits with header for corn harvesting. Number of harvested rows pcs 6; 8
Header for sunflower harvesting. Number of harvested rows  pcs 8; 12
Header for soybean harvesting. Capturing  width  m 6,0; 7,0
Frequency of separator fan rotation rpm 318-960
Road clearance, not less than mm 330
Reducerof drum speed 
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