Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS16"

2 years Warranty
Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS16"
Engine power
Threshing system (double drums)
Separation system (2 rotary straw separators)

Combine PALESSE GS16 by its performance ranks the top level in model range of PALESSE combines. Combine of modern technical level with 530 hp engine designed for farms with large volume of harvesting of high-yielding cereals, grains, legumes and other threshed crops.

Double drum threshing system with pre-accelerating of grain mass flow provides careful threshing and high productivity. Instead of key straw shaker combine equipped with rotary separator with two rotors, "wrapped" with fixed lattice decks and rotating in opposite directions. Such combined scheme mixes advantages of drum threshing and rotary separation is best suited for farms, which at the same time in high volumes harvested cereal crops and corn for grain.

High level of automation of running processes eliminates operators mistakes and ensure stable operation of combine in changing conditions of harvesting. Spacious cabin of new unified series provides all conditions for operator without stress and tiredness within long working shift.

Combine type 

Self-propelled, wheeled, double drum, with rotary straw separator

Engine model    Mercedes Benz OM 502LA
Nominal engine power kW 390
Nominal engine power h.p. 530
Fuel tank volume, not less than l 800
Width of threshing device mm 1700
Composition of thresher  Accelerating drum, threshing drum, cushioning beater
Diameter of accelerating drum mm 450
Diameter of threshing drum mm 600
Concave area, not less than m2 1,26
Concave coverage angle degree 175
Straw separator type   rotary
Quantity of rotors pcs 2
Diameter of rotor mm 445
Length of rotor mm 4260
Separation area of straw separator, not less than m2 4,2
Total area of separation sieves, not less than mm 5,8
Grain tank  With automatic signaling of filling at 2 levels, with transformable roof
Grain tank volume, not less than m3 9,0
Unloading height, not less than  m 4,1
Length of boom of unloading auger, not less than m 4,925
Productivity of unloading device, not less than l/sec 100
Rotation angle of unloading auger, not less than degree 101
Header type Frontal, with electro hydraulic copying in transverse and longitudinal directions at given height of cutting
Coverage width m 9,2
Weight  kg 2950
Overall dimensions and weight
Length/width/height in operation position, not mere than mm 10950 / 9700 / 4870
Operational weight of combine with header 9,2 m  kg 21000
Frequency of separator fan rotation rpm 504-1560
Road clearance, not less than mm 380
Palesse GS16    
Republic of Belarus, Minsk district
V.V. Parshchevskiy
Director of “Minsk vegetable factory”

Combine harvester GS16 is in the "Minsk vegetable factory" from 30.07.2015. From the beginning of harvesting the combine has harvested 2500 tons of grain and pulse crops. The daily grain output was 90-120 tons of grain.

High productivity of harvester allowed to reduce the time of grain crops harvesting. The machine is completed with modern cabin with air conditioner and possibility to set the harvester from the cabin, all that helps the combine driver. Automatic lubrication system, as well as setting and control systems of the combiner work, allowed to avoid accidents.

In general, during the harvesting 2015 the combine harvester made a good showing.

Republic of Belarus, Kamenetsk district
O.V. Sukhorukov
Deputy general director OJSC "Belovezhskiy"

Self-propelled grain harvester GS16 (serial number 0004) was transferred to the farm ownership on 29.07.2015, was put into operation on 31.07.2015.

Hereafter the harvester worked without breakdowns, with good productivity and without grain losses, grain output was 150-170 tons. Grain crop harvesting ended on 08.08.2015, during these days harvester got 159 hectares and grain output was 860 tons.

Headship, specialists and combine driver appreciated the technical characteristics of the new domestic harvester, which is up there with harvester foreign production and thank your factory personnel for creating in such a short period of high-performance machine good quality.

We hope for further fruitful cooperation.


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