Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS3219"

Engine power
Threshing system (double drums)
Separation system (2 rotary straw separators)
Air conditioner
Grain harvesting combine PALESSE GS3219

Grain harvesting combine PALESSE GS3219 - combine with a “two drums plus two rotors” scheme.

Well-approved two-drums threshing system with acceleration of the grain mass before the supply for the threshing drum demonstrates its advantages in the PALESSE GS3219 model. Scratching of the mass with the blades of accelerator drum makes the flow regular and constant. Together with a high speed it provides not only fast and careful threshing, but also high efficiency of the following processes.

two rotors GS 3219

The separation system of remaining grain on PALESSE GS3219 combine is represented by two rotors, which rotate towards each other. Rotary straw separators guarantee a fast moving of the mass between rotors and concaves. High centrifugal force provides a quick separation of grain, which significantly improves the productivity of the combine.

The beater divides the mass in two flows and passes it to the both rotors of the straw separator – that guarantees effective separation. Being “covered” with the concaves, the rotors rotate in reverse directions. From the grain board to the shaking board, and only after it – to the cleaning cascades. This passage of grain mass from rotors to the shaker reduces the pressure on the cleaning system and helps to avoid blockings.

Original constructional decisions and arrangement of the combine working systems provide maximum results by reasonable power consumption, which guarantees low costs of grain production.

Information-control system that bases on onboard computer includes wide range of functions: automatic control, diagnostics, detection, warning and notification about abnormal performance. The system provides implementation of adjustment and fine tuning of working elements for various crops and conditions of harvesting.

Spacious cab with a perfect vision is fitted with everything required for a comfortable work of combine operator. Powerful electric lighting system guarantees an outstanding observability while working at night.


Manufacturer / model   YaMZ-65857-03
Nominal engine power kW / h.p. 287 / 390
Fuel tank capacity l 800
Grain header m 7,0 / 9,2
Conveyer header m 9,0 / 12,0
Maize header row / m 6; 8 / 4,2; 5,6
Sunflower header row / m 8; 12 / 5,6; 8,4
Grain pick-up m 3,4 / 4,4
Threshing system
Threshing unit type   drum-type
Threshing drum width mm 1500
Threshing drum diameter mm 800
Accelerating drum diameter mm 600
Threshing drum speed range rpm
Concave area m2 2,08
Concave wrap angle degrees 213
Separation and cleaning system
Separation type   rotor
Rotor number 2
Rotor length mm 4260
Separation area m2 4,2
Total sieve area m2 5
Cleaning fun speed range об/мин
Grain tank
Grain tank capacity m3 9,5
Unloading height mm 4300
Unloading rate l/s 75
Straw chopper blades number 80
Chaff spreader   option
Running gear
Working speed км/ч 8
Road speed km/h 20
Road clearance mm 330
Dimensions and weights
Length / Width / Height in working position mm 12600 / 7600 / 4980
Length / Width / Height in transport position mm 18600 / 3900 / 4000
Thresher weight kg 18100
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