Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS4118K"

Engine power
Threshing system (double drums)
Separation system (5 keys straw shaker)

Зерноуборочный комбайн на газовом топливе КЗС-4118 «ПАЛЕССЕ GS 4118 К»Grain harvester “PALESSE GS4118K” - is the first combine harvester in the world, that works on compressed natural gas methane.

PALESSE GS4118K – high productive grain harvesting combine with a threshing-separating unit of 1500 mm width, in which was applied acceleration of the grain mass flow before threshing. Distinctive aspect of PALESSE GS4118K thresher is big diameter of pre-accelerator and threshing drums (600 and 800 mm) more than in any other similar type of thresher. Combine harvester provides stable threshing while harvesting of «difficult», dirty, high straw and wet grain crops.

  • Two-drum with classic threshing-separating unit.
  • Engineered for direct and separate harvesting of cereals, sunflower, grain maize, pulse and cereal crops, grass seeds and rape.
  • Makes mowing or pickup of cereal or seed crops, threshing, separation, grain cleaning, accumulation of grain in the bunker and unloading into a vehicle.
  • Provides harvesting of the non-cereal part of the crop according to different technological schemes - swath laying or chopping with spreading over an area of harvested land.

Conception of compressed gas equipment

Power unit of grain harvester GS4118K

Gas engine CUMMINS IS12G with capacity of 12 liters provides emission standard Stage V.

Time for cylinders filling with a total hydraulic volume of 1816 liters:

  • Terminal NGV-1 or TK4 GOST- 15-20 minutes
  • Terminal NGV-2 - 7-12 min

The use of PALESSE GS4118K provides an opportunity:

  • to reduce the cost of grain and leguminous crops harvesting by means of a lower price of natural gas;
  • to reduce emissions of toxic substances into the environment (carbon monoxide – by 2,5 times, nitric oxide – by 2 times, hydrocarbons – by 3 times, smoke – by 9 times), and at the same time ensure environmental requirements of Stage 5 without increasing the cost of engines;
  • to increase the service life of the power unit and increase intervals between the engine maintenance service;


Methane belongs to the safest fuel class 4, according to the classification of flammable substances by degree of sensitiveness.

Methane is half as light as air, for this reason in case of a leak it disappears quickly and completely, without causing any fire hazardous situation, like diesel fuel or gasoline.

Manufacturer / model   CUMMINS IS12G
Nominal engine power kW / h.p. 257 / 350
Fuel type   methane
Fuel cylinder capacity l 1816
Grain header m 6,0 / 7,0 / 9,2
Swath grain header m 9,0
Conveyer header m 9,0 / 12,0
Soybean header m 6,0 / 7,0 / 9,0
Maize header row / m 6; 8 / 4,2; 5,6
Sunflower header row / m 8; 12 / 5,6; 8,4
Rapeseed cutterbar table m 6,0 / 7,0
Grain pick-up m 3,4 / 4,4
Threshing system
Threshing unit type   drum-type
Threshing drum width mm 1500
Threshing drum diameter mm 800
Accelerating drum diameter mm 600
Threshing drum speed range rpm
Concave area m2 2,39
Concave wrap angle degrees 213
Separation and cleaning system
Separation type   straw walker
Straw walker number 5
Straw walker length mm 4100
Separation area m2 6,15
Total sieve area m2 5,0
Cleaning fun speed range rpm
Grain tank
Grain tank capacityа m3 9
Unloading height mm 4000
Unloading rate l/s 70
Straw chopper blades number 80
Running gear
Working speed km/h 8
Road speed km/h 20
Road clearance mm 330
Dimensions and weights
Length / Width / Height in working position mm 11200 / 7600 / 4650
Length / Width / Height in transport position mm 18100 / 3900 / 4000
Thresher weight kg 16600
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