Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS812"

2 years Warranty
Grain harvesting combine "PALESSE GS812"
Engine power
Threshing system (single drum)
Separation system (4 keys straw shaker)
European Conformity

PALESSE GS812 – classic single drum harvester of middle class with 1200 mm width of thresher and 4 keys straw shaker. Reliable technological scheme and low operating costs make PALESSE GS812 as optimal solution for farms with low and average grain yield. Advantages of traditional construction are supplemented by modern comfortable cabin and automatic control system on basis of onboard computer.

Modification GS812S differs by chassis with rubber reinforced tracks, which allow effectively using on soils with low supported capacity. Harvesteralsocan be equipped with straw stacker. Depending on markets preferences harvester can be equipped with engines of different manufacturers.

Harvester can be equipped with engines with different power and headers with different coverage width – this allow to take into account wishes of farms with differences in grain yield and production volumes. The use of special adapters for harvesting of different crops expands potential of PALESSE GS812, increases annual capacity and reduces payback period. 

Manufacturer / model   JaMZ-236NE2-47
Nominal engine power kW / h.p. 169 / 230
Fuel tank capacity l 500
Grain header m 4,0 / 5,0 / 6,0 / 7,0
Swath grain header m 9,0
Conveyer header m 9,0
Soybean header m 6,0 / 7,0
Maize header row / m 6 / 4,2
Sunflower header row / m 8 / 5,6
Rapeseed cutterbar table m 6,0
Grain pick-up m 3,4
Threshing system
Threshing unit type   drum-type
Threshing drum width mm 1200
Threshing drum diameter mm 800
Threshing drum speed range rpm
Concave area m2 1,1
Concave wrap angle degrees 130
Separation and cleaning system
Separation type   straw walker
Straw walker number 4
Straw walker length mm 4100
Separation area m2 4,92
Total sieve area m2 3,86
Cleaning fun speed range rpm
Grain tank
Grain tank capacityа m3 5,5
Unloading height mm 3800
Unloading rate l/s 40
Straw chopper blades number 24
Running gear
Working speed km/h 8
Road speed km/h 20
Road clearance mm 300
Dimensions and weights
Length / Width / Height in working position mm 10500 / 6500 / 4500
Length / Width / Height in transport position mm 16800 / 3800 / 4000
Thresher weight kg 12300
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