2 YEARS Warranty
Engine power
Coverage width, m
Air conditioner

The use of self-propelled mower “PALESSE CS-200” let effectively handle a problem of two-stage harvesting of headed grain, grain legumes, cereal crop and also forage conservation from grass. Mower with swath transportation header (with coverage 9,2 m) provides plant mowing with central left or right swath laying, also is able to form double swath with width up to 4 m from two passages. For grass mowing, besides the swath header, provided the possibility to work with rotary header of 4 m width.

Spacious cabin of driving chassis equipped with conditioner, comfortable working seat on air suspension, auxiliary seat, handy control board and on-board computer. Mechanic is able to choose cutting height, to change speed of sickle knives, to change speed and direction of conveyer belt from the cabin.

High power ratio (engine of 200 h.p.) and rapid cutter bar guarantee high productivity of self-propelled mower on cutting various crops.

Model  D-260.4S3A-698
Engine nominal power kW(h.p.) 154 (210)
Motion speed :
Maximal operating speed km/h 12
Velocity range km/h 20
Fuel tank volume l 300
Front axle / back axle leading / guiding
Wheels track:
- leading mm 3110
- guiding mm 2200 - 3100
Clearance mm 980
Basis mm 3620
Drive system  hydrostatic
Cutting height mm 70; 120; 190
Swath width m 1,2 - 1,8
Constructional weight of chassis kg 7000
Overall dimensions of chassis:
-length mm 5400
-width mm 3800
-height mm 4000
Header  Swath, frontal, copy terrain of field lengthway and edge-way, with cross transfer
-width m 9,2
-weight kg 3120
Header conveyer - belt pcs 2
Field contour following mm 300
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