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“Gomselmash” has been counting its history since 1930. From the production of simple agricultural machines – to the design and mass production of grain harvesting combines, forage harvesters, complexes of machines based on universal power vehicle, mowers, beet harvesting, potato harvesting and other agricultural equipment – “Gomselmash” passed this way in the XX century.

Turning over the pages of the history of “Gomselmash”, people can often find references to events in relation to which the words “first”, “first in the country”, “first in the world”, “in the first place” were used. Arranged in chronological order without any comments, these fragments of history create a large-scale picture of a constant aspiration for leadership and progress.

Комбайн Вихрь Комбайн Папек

1930 The release of the first batch of drive disk silage cutters at the “Gomselmash” under construction was the FIRST step towards the creation of a previously non-existent industry in the country – machinery manufacturing for feed production.

1932 Along with the production of licensed silage cutters and straw cutters, “Gomselmash” created a universal feed preparation machine “Universal” FOR THE FIRST TIME in the world. Due to its year-round use, at that time it had no equal in economic efficiency.

1940 “Gomselmash” became THE FIRST factory in the agricultural machinery industry of the country, which simultaneously produced 26 models of machines for feed production, grain farming, seed production, primary processing of flax and hemp.

1956 “Gomselmash” FOR THE FIRST TIME in the country began mass production of a new type of equipment – pull-type silage harvester SK-2.6. It was followed by models SK-2.6A; SKB-2.6; UKSK-2.6; KS-2.6.

Первые комбайны Первый самоходный комбайн КСК-100 Цеха Гомсельмаша

1966 FOR THE FIRST TIME in the practice of machinery manufacturing, the technology of radial stamping of chain gear sprockets was introduced at the company, which made it possible to increase labor productivity in the processing of sprocket cogs by 25-30 times, and to increase their wear resistance by one and a half times. The technology was later patented in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgium and Switzerland.

1971 The designers of “Gomselmash” created and put into production the KS-1.8 “Whirlwind” – THE FIRST pull-type forage harvester that could harvest not only corn, but also grass.

1977 Production of the USSR's FIRST self-propelled forage harvester KSK-100 began. The harvester also became the country's FIRST self-propelled agricultural machine with a hydraulic undercarriage. FOR THE FIRST TIME in the practice of domestic forage harvesting machinery, replaceable mounted adapters were used in its design. This popular harvester and its modifications have been produced for 32 years.

1984 “Gomselmash” took THE FIRST PLACE in the world in terms of annual production of self-propelled forage harvesters.

Комплекс для заготовки кормов K-Г-6

1988 FOR THE FIRST TIME in the practice of national agricultural engineering, “Gomselmash” began production of a new type of agricultural machine – the universal power vehicle UES-250 and a semi-mounted forage harvester aggregated with UES.

1992 KDP-3000 was created – THE FIRST pull-type forage harvester designed to work with tractors from 2 to 5 drawbar category.

1999 FOR THE FIRST TIME in the world, a block-modular grain harvesting complex based on a universal power vehicle was created at “Gomselmash”.

2001 “Gomselmash” was THE FIRST manufacturer of the CIS countries to start serial production of a combine harvester with a modern layout design with a central cabin arrangement (KZS-7).

GS2124 FS80 PRO GS12A1 PRO

2003 The universal power vehicle UES-2-250A became THE WORLD'S FIRST self-propelled machine, which was used for mowing grasses, harvesting crushed fodder, harvesting grain and sugar beet, as well as for pre-sowing tillage with simultaneous sowing and fertilization.

2004 “Gomselmash” started production of FS80 self-propelled forage harvesters with a 360 h.p. engine. To equip the harvester with a more powerful engine, the design of the FS80 complex was finalized and since 2008 its modifications with 450 h.p. engines have been produced.

2005 The first potato harvesters were manufactured.

2006 FOR THE FIRST TIME in the CIS, a grain harvester of the 6th category GS12 was created at “Gomselmash”. In the future, the harvester became one of the most popular in its class.

2008 “Gomselmash” became THE FIRST manufacturer in the world, that within 10 years from the date of creation of a prototype of its first grain harvester was able to develop and put into production 5 basic models of these complex agricultural machines.

2009 THE FIRST batch of harvesters was assembled at a joint venture in China. In the future, the volume of joint production reached thousands of forage and ear corn harvesters.

GS10 CS100

2010 The GS12 “ESSIL-760” combine harvester of joint production became THE FIRST 6th class combine harvester assembled in Kazakhstan.

2012 “Gomselmash” started production of FS8060 forage harvesters with a 632 h.p. engine. Such a high-producing machine was created FOR THE FIRST TIME in the CIS.

2013 Acceptance tests of THE FIRST high-producing combine harvesters with a threshing width of 1700 mm (GS14 and GS16) were successfully completed in the CIS.

2014 Development and testing of cotton harvesting machine HMP-1.8.

2013-2015 The model range of “PALESSE” combine harvesters has been expanded from three to six basic models. It includes the “PALESSE” models GS575, GS812, GS10, GS12, GS14 and GS16.

2015 The second joint venture was established in China.

2016 The upgraded combine harvester GS12A1 was launched into mass production.

2017 Engineers of the scientific and technical centre of combine harvesters manufacturing of OJSC “Gomselmash” have developed, manufactured and sent for testing five new combine harvesters that have no analogues in the model range of the company: three-drum GS2221K, rotary GS19R (GR700) and two-drum hybrid harvesters GS13 and GS3219, as well as THE WORLD's FIRST grain harvester combine GS4118K on gas fuel.

GH800 GS3219 КЗС-4118 К

2018 THE WORLD's FIRST CNG-powered combine harvester GS4118K and a two-drum hybrid combine harvester GS3219 have passed acceptance tests and will be mass-produced.

2019 Release and work in the fields of the Gomel region, Republic of Belarus of THE FIRST batch of CNG-powered combine harvesters GS4118K.

2020 On October 15, “Gomselmash” turned 90 years old. “Gomselmash” has produced and sent for testing 3 new combine harvesters: the GS200 combine harvester with a throughput of up to 4 kg/s, the GH800 combine harvester with a hybrid threshing and separation system and the powerful FS450 forage harvester.

2021 The GR700 rotary combine harvester was put into serial production.

2022 GOMSELMASH GS200 combine harvester passed all tests and put into production. Two new GOMSELMASH models entered the fields for the 2022 harvesting campaign: GH800 hybrid harvester and GR700 rotary harvester.






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