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Gomselmash is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery ranking among the world market leaders of combine harvesters and other complexes of agricultural machines.

Today Gomselmash is a modern multi-manufacturer producing under the brand GOMSELMASH lineups of grain and forage harvesters, ear corn and potato-picking harvesters, mowers and other agricultural machinery.

Agricultural equipment GOMSELMASH is a 16 types of farm machinery, 75 basic models and model types, 70 adapters and units for harvesting different agricultural crops. Agricultural producer with any acreage and crops can choose from these machines a set of most effective models for their conditions.

With a full range of modern production technologies Gomselmash independently produces the main parts and components for combine harvesters. It’s provide an opportunity to control the quality, to produce at the same time different types of machines, to maintain reasonable prices for the products.

Combine harvesters GOMSELMASH are running in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltics, Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea and other countries. The company has a wide distribution network, a range of joint ventures and assembly plants.


At the moment holding includes
  •     Open joint-stock company “Gomselmash”
    OJSC “Gomselmash”
    location area: 246004, Republic of Belarus, Gomel, Shosseinaya str., 41
    tel.: +375 232 63-90-66, fax: +375 232 54-91-93, 
    e-mail: post@gomselmash.by 

    web site: www.gomselmash.by

  •        Open joint-stock company “Gomel Plant of Foundry and Fasteners”
    OJSC “GZLiN”
    location area: 246010, Republic of Belarus, Gomel, Mogilevskaya str., 16
    tel.: +375 232 59-67-37, 59-65-14, fax: +375 232 59-65-25, 59-68-63, e-mail: zlin_by@tut.by,
    web site: 

  •        Open joint-stock company “Lidagroprommash”
    OJSC “Lidagroprommash”
    location area: 231300, Republic of Belarus, Lida, Ignatova str., 52
    tel.: +375 154 52-15-46, 52-02-56, fax: +375 154 52-24-54, e-mail:
    web site: www.lidagro.by






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