Wherever machines produced by holding "Gomselmash" worked, they everywhere are provided with high quality service. Our aim is to completely satisfy demands of our consumers. Resting on their opinion and offers, and also on world experience, we constantly improving our system of service, raising its development level.

Core principle – provide to the consumer possibility to use all complex of services directly at their place. Realizing this principle we have created wide network of dealer and technical centers of "Gomselmash".

In all regions dealers make pre-sale preparation of machines before starting and give in the following to the consumers all complex of technical services for each sold machine during all operational term. 

PRE-sale preparation

Before handing of technique to the consumer make its pre-sale preparation, check the machine runnability in accordance to the instruction manual, make instructing of machine operators on the rules of its operation, service and storage.

Technical support service

Highly qualified specialists of each dealership make maintenance support of complex systems and aggregates of harvesters. For this end dealerships have everything needed: diagnostic tools, process equipment, machine tools, warranty spare parts kit.

For service questions you can contact your dealer service center which will make qualified decision in the shortest possible time.

Besides serving dealership you can contact the customer service department "Gomselmash" using the email address or following phone numbers: 

for the consumers from republic of belarus

tel./fax 8-10-375(232) 59-16-64

tel. 59-11-64

for the consumers from russian federation and cis countries

tel./fax 8-10-375(232) 59-10-29

tel. 63-03-69

postharvest inspection

Every year after harvesting our dealers conduct post-harvest inspection of the technical state of the warranty and non-warranty machines, conduct mechanics polls. This is determined the list of spare parts required for the machines preparation to the next harvest season. According to this list "Gomselmash" produces the necessary range of spare parts for dealerships. Therefore our technical support service everywhere maintains the machines "Gomselmash" in a state of high technical readiness.


High qualification of machine operators – one of the primary factors of reception by farm units of steady profit. To give to the machine operator not simple machine control skills but the concrete program of actions for achievement of high operating time on the equipment of "Gomselmash" – this problem is solved by the system of training created in association. It covers not only machine operators but also experts of farm units. Study is spent in the education centers of holding “Gomselmash”, agroindustrial complex and by the dealers.






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