2 YEARS Warranty
Engine power
Rough-steamed crops header width, m
Grass header width, m
Pick-up width, m
European Conformity

PALESSE K-G-6 consists of universal power vehicle PALESSE 2U280, 2U250 or U280 and semi-mounted forage harvesting combine “PALESSE FH40” with adapter kit.

Harvester is available in two modifications: PALESSE FH40 and PALESSE FH40А.

If the harvester is used for harvesting of maize for silage it will be better to choose PALESSE FH40A with an active type device for regrinding of wax and full ripeness corn. While harvesting grass crusher unit is dismounted and replaced by the spacer plate with smooth walls.

If the harvester reaps only grass it will be useful to purchase the modification PALESSE FH40 without corn crusher unit.

Semi-mounted harvester PALESSE FH40 is equipped with a chopping device with radial disc type. Available in two modifications: with an active type device for regrinding of corn or without it.

Manufacturer / model   YaMZ-238BK-3
Nominal engine power kW / h.p 213 / 290
Displacement l 14.86
Arrangement and number of cylinders   V8
Fuel tank capacity l 412
Productivity of harvester per 1 hour
Harvesting of milk-wax ripened maize t/h 90
Harvesting of wax ripened maize t/h 43
Picking-up of wilted grass t/h 50
Harvesting of grass t/h 43
Maize header m 3,0
Pick-up m 3,0
Header for grass harvesting m 4,2
Feeding unit
Width mm 414
Number of feed-rolls   4
Metal detector, stone detector   serial
Chopping unit
Type   radial-disk type
Width of chopping cylinder   disk
Diameter of chopping cylinder mm 1100
Number of knives on the cylinder   12
Variants of knives arrangement   3 / 6 / 12
Length of cut mm 5 - 48
Adjustment of cutting length   mechanical
Knives sharpening   mechanical
Corn cracker   option
Discharge spout
Rotation angle of discharge spout ° 270
Discharge height mm 4000
Running gear
Road speed km/h 0-20
Working speed km/h 12
All-wheel drive   option
Dimensions and weights
Length / Width / Height in transport position mm 8500 / 3090 / 4000
Weight of self-propelled chopper kg 8450
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