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Coverage width, m
Row width

Self-propelled combine “PALESSE BS624” is intended for single-phase harvesting of sugar beet in all soil-climatic zones, except fields with low carrying capacity of soils and mountain areas.

During technological process “PALESSE BS624” completes all complex tasks of sugar beet harvesting in one pass:


  • cutting of haulms and throwing across the field;
  • cutting of heads and lifting of root crops;
  • separation and cleaning of root crops heap from ground and vegetative waste;
  • loading of root crops into bunker with following unloading into transport vehicle or into field storage pile (root crop storage).

Combination of all harvesting operations in one self-propelled machine allows to reduce quantity of passes of combine through the field, soil compression, to reduce fuel consumption and labor costs, to avoid unnecessary reloading of root crops and to keep high quality of raw materials for sugar mills.

Harvester “PALESSE BS624” consists of following basic technological elements: haulm-cutting and root harvesting modules, lifting-separating block, bunker with system of conveyors.

Haulm-cutting module carries out automatic driving on rows, cutting of haulm with spreading of crushed haulm across the field and finishing cutting of root crops.

Mechanism of digging control, vibrating diggers of root harvesting module provide careful lifting of root crops and three feeding rotors with guiding guard and long cleaning track allows reaching an optimum level of cleanness without damaging of root crops. Dug out root crops equally spread in bunker by ground conveyors with help of auger.

Unloading conveyor with variable loading height is effective during unloading of root crops from bunker into transport vehicles as well ad into storage pile. Conveyor provides unloading of the 24 m3 bunker within one minute.

Engine power h.p. 490
Engine model OM 460LA
Operating width m 2,7
Number of harvested rows pcs 6
Row width cm 45
Bunker volume m3 24
Losses of root crops in the soil, no more than % 1,5
Unloading height, by elevation angle of the conveyer 55° mm 41
Motion speed, no more than
Operational km/h 10
Transport (with empty bunker) km/h 25
Wheeltread: front / rear mm 2270/2170
Road clearance, no less than cm 300
Overall dimensionsin transport position
- length mm 13700
- width mm 3800
- height mm 4000
Empty weight of harvester kg 26000
Fuel tank volume l 800
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