“Gomselmash“ intends to increase production capacity and sales of products in foreign markets.


Last year, the company was operating at full load, more than 2,100 combines came off the assembly line. Almost all indicators of the business plan were fulfilled, and in a number of positions exceeded, including an increase in production and sales, a reduction in inventory, accounts receivable and material costs, a reduction in import intensity, as well as energy saving.

Deliveries to the foreign market through all channels increased by 30 percent. The exports amounted to $ 174 million. And the receipt of foreign exchange earnings is over $ 200 million. This, of course, does not mean that we have reached the limits of our capabilities. But the tasks set at this stage have been completed. In addition, we managed to establish a good foundation for the current year, – said First Deputy General Director Viktor Slavashevich.

Виктор Славашевич

Today, the shipment of finished equipment continues from the “wheels”. The portfolio of orders formed under the concluded contracts provided the volume of work through September including.

The high demand for products allows for the sale of one hundred percent prepayment. And these are guaranteed volumes of sales and loading of workshops. Modernization of manufactured equipment continues. Great hopes are associated with the GS2124 combine harvester. This is one of the latest developments, already launched in the series. Its main advantages are maximum performance and an extended option. Something without which it is impossible to imagine modern technology today. And the prospects in the market are evidenced by the growing demand. If earlier GS2124 was sold in one-piece copies, then in 2021 more than fifty units were implemented. And this is just the beginning.


The main sales market for “Gomselmash“ traditionally remains Russian Federation, which accounts for 67 percent of the total export structure. A number of factors contribute to this. The obvious ones are geographical proximity, the absence of state borders, partnership within the Customs Union. Cooperation has also been established with “Rosagroleasing”, the largest operator of the agro-industrial market in Russia, which allows Belarusian agricultural machinery to be sold under leasing schemes that are attractive to buyers.

Measures to support exports from the state play a significant role. First of all, Presidential Decrees No. 466 “On certain measures for the sale of goods Produced in the Republic of Belarus” and No. 534 “On promoting the export of goods (works, services)”.

However, within the framework of diversification, active work is underway to enter new markets. For example, to the regions of South Africa. The first batches of harvesters have already been sent to Zimbabwe.

Contrary to stereotypes, Africa is a fairly promising region in terms of agricultural development. Thus, this is an interesting market for us. Of course, there are certain nuances. However, by shipping the equipment upon prepayment, we do not risk anything. Of course, this is a step forward, – Viktor Slavashevich notes.


The assortment potential of Holding “Gomselmash“ was also presented in Moldova, Armenia, Poland, Tajikistan and even Dubai. Also, at the beginning of the year, a conference was held, which brought together more than 200 representatives of dealerships and partners from Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the UAE and Georgia. The partners unanimously noted the improvement in the quality of equipment under the “GOMSELMASH“ brand and expressed their readiness to increase sales volumes. The task for the future is to increase production capacity. At least until the release of three thousand combines per year. Therefore, plans to increase export volumes by 20 percent by the end of 2022 are not a fantasy, but a very real prospect.

Of course, we have to revise and adjust existing schemes, change some approaches. In general, to adapt to work in new conditions. This is a normal current process. Today we see where and what equipment to implement, we are engaged in technical re-equipment, promotion of a number of investment projects. And ways to solve problems will definitely be found. We have done this more than once and continue to move forward, – Viktor Slavashevich states.

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