Working width, m
Typ: pull-type
Relief copying

The use of STRIVER pull-type header for mowing and swathing of grain crops in agricultural organizations using a separate harvesting method makes it possible to carry out work on the harvest with high profitability. STRIVER headers are aggregated with widespread 1.4 power class tractors, which allows agricultural organizations to optimally load the tractor fleet.


To ensure optimal harvesting conditions, the header reel can be moved relative to the cutterbar and its rotation speed can be adjusted. The design of the pull-type device and the arrangement of the rear wheels maintain a right angle between the direction of movement of the tractor and the header cutterbar. The transfer of the header from the transport position to the working position and back is carried out by one worker and doesn’t require uncoupling from the tractor.

The STRIVER 1070T and STRIVER 920ST headers can be used together for 19.5 meter double swathing. The STRIVER 1070T lays the windrow in the center to allow the windrow to be raised when picked up by the harvester. The STRIVER 920ST header lays the windrow on the left in the direction of travel. The headers provide good quality and optimal width windrowing, high productivity for mowing and picking.

The main advantage of laying a double swath of 19.5 meters is the possibility of following optimal loading of harvesters in an aggregate with grain pick-ups. In conditions of low yields of grain crops, this allows to reduce the number of combine passes from three to one, thereby reducing harvesting costs, and as a result, reducing the cost of a ton of grain.

STRIVER headers have a lightweight slatted reel with tension elements to ensure straightness, rigidity and strength during operation. The rear wheel is rotated by a hydraulic cylinder, which allows maneuvering a large header.






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