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Rough-steamed crops header width, m
Grass header width, m
Pick-up width, m
European Conformity

PALESSE FS60 made a name for itself as a cost effective and affordable model for wide use. The harvester can procure silage, haylage and green forage. For higher stability, safety system of feed unit is included in basic configuration. When metal or stone detector gives an alarm, automatic controls immediately switch off the rolls and prevent breaking.

Hydraulic systems of undercarriage, steering control, adapter drive and feed unit guaranty required flexibility and quick response in changeable conditions of harvest. It also let you change the cutting length from the cabin.

The cabin is serially equipped with climate control system (air cooler, air conditioner, heater), which gives you a comfortable microclimate. The high of the silage duct provides an opportunity to feed easily body frames of vehicle with high sides.


  • The cabin of harvester with a large glass area, with panoramic windshield provides full all-round view of operating space. Firm sound and vibrating insulation, adjustable working seat, steering column, conditioner, heater, conveniently placed devices and control elements provide all the conditions for effective work of operator and his well-being during a longtime shift.
  • The complete information about the current condition of systems and assemblies of the harvester comes on the board. Control devices warn of the beginning of critical behavior, which helps to prevent breakages. The functions of switching on and off of automatic controls, electrohydraulics, rpm adjustment, feed unit control are concentrated here. Indicators of tension, fuel level, oil pressure, engine coolant temperature and oil temperature are marked and assembled in one block.
  • Rough-steamed crops header. Regular cut is provided by contour following system and cut height fitting. Corn stalks are conducted to the feed unit from their bottom side, which prevent the losses of earcorns. Lateral plant guides split plants on the brink of stint and lift down crops.
  • Crop pickup. Twist-and-steer contour following system and regulation of a pickup height provide complete pickup of swaths. Holding down device prevent the dispersion of incoming masses and losses in windy weather. Spring-applied screw automatically adapt to layer thickness of masses, by moving up and down.
  • Grass header. Contour following system and cut height fitting guarantee constant clean cut. Free-wheel clutch of reel pulley prevent damage of reel in the process of counter-rotation of pulley.
  • Hydraulics ratio of the harvester - is a necessary flexibility and short response time in changing conditions of harvesting. The machine is equipped with hydraulics of driving gear, steering control and working elements, adapter drive and feed unit. High hydraulics ratio increases reliability of the harvester, reduce the level of vibration and noise, simplify kinematics, driving control and servicing.
  • JaMZ-238АК1 engine with turbo-supercharging and integrated heat exchanger works steadily on peak load and guarantee maximum capacity of harvester. The machine can also be completed with ОМ 906 LA (Mercedes-Benz) engine at customer`s option.
  • Five rolls feed unit “PALESSE FS60” is equipped with effective system of protection from ingestion of extraneous objects. Automatic equipment instantly turns off the roll driver when gets signal from stone and metal detectors, preventing breakages. While harvesting of wax ripened maize plain bin filler of chopping drum is replaced by seeds grinding device with corrugated bars.
  • 24 knives of chopping drum provides bevel clean cut. Rotating with a frequency of 1173 r/min chopping drum keeps up high speed of feed ducting. Length of cut can be regulated from the cabin, automatic equipment provides 4 modes of cutting length - 4,2 / 6 / 9 / 13 mm. Mechanical grinding unit provides knives sharpness. Abrasive stick is conducted to the knives automatically depending on horizontal movement of slide.
  • Silage duct geared by fluid-power motor provides unloading of chopped crop on three sides. Measurable margin of height of silage duct provides an opportunity to load body frames of vehicles with high sides.
  • The capote with opening hood sides and operating decks on both sides of machine provide free access to the engine, aggregates and pieces of machinery.






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