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Threshing system (single drum)
Separation system (4 keys straw shaker)
Grain harvesting combine GOMSELMASH GS200

Grain harvesting combine GOMSELMASH GS200 is a combination of operating economy and technical simplicity.

Affordable and efficient harvesting of grain crops on small crop areas – this is exactly what the GS200 complete the line of cost effective GOMSELMASH combine harvesters.

The harvester shows the most optimal results in fields with an average yield of 10-25 centner per hectare. Maneuverability, compactness, small weight of the harvester allow it to be used in fields with complex contours, for example, in mountainous terrain.

Зерноуборочный комбайн GS200

The harvester is ideal if you work in climatic conditions with significant daily and seasonal fluctuations in air temperature, low rainfall, dry air and low cloud cover.

During a working day, the combine harvests fields of 15-20 hectares and threshes 40-50 tons of grain.

An increased ground clearance of 400 mm and a transport speed of 25 km/h make fields crossing faster and more comfortable.

Comfortable cabin


The single-seat cabin of the GS200 combine provides comfortable working conditions for the operator, as well as the availability of such functions as:

  • heating and air conditioning system;
  • sound and vibration isolation, soft seat;
  • systems for monitoring the speed of the threshing drum, cleaning fan, engine operation and movement of the combine.

Operating the GS200 combine harvester is intuitive thanks to logically grouped working parts. Angle of the steering column and the steering wheel are adjustable. The simple operation of the combine provides the required level of productivity.

Simple – effective

Наклонная камера

Despite its simplicity and size, the GS200 feeder housing is as reliable and flexible as the more productive GOMSELMASH combines.

The single slat conveyor with two high quality structural chains is as simple so versatile. It performs its functions ideally both in grain crops and in the harvesting of corn for grain.

To simplify the harvesting process, the combine is provided with a longitudinal copying system, control of the moving and lowering of the reel from the operator's workplace.

Classic threshing and separation system

The time-tested classic DRUM-FLOW threshing and separation system with one threshing drum, beater and straw walker makes GS200 the most efficient choice for working at low to medium yield fields.

Классическое МСУ

Such a scheme, apart from enviable technological reliability, provides versatility of application and simplicity of maintenance. The 600 mm drum gently and effectively separates the grain even from high-straw crops.

The DRUM-FLOW system fully demonstrates its performance when working on difficult crops, such as high-straw and wet grain.

If you are harvesting crops that are easily damaged, such as corn, sunflower and others, a reduction gear installation is provided on the GS200 combine. In this way, gentle threshing is achieved with a minimum percentage of damaged grain.

Молотильная установка

After threshing, the straw with an insignificant part of the grain is moving to a six-blade beater with a diameter of 395 mm and a rotation speed of 960 rpm. The special design of the serrated dividers of the beater ensures not only a reliable supply of the straw mass, but also creates a fluffing effect, which increases the separation efficiency even when working on extremely harvesting conditions.

For the most efficient threshing of grain mass and increasing productivity the return of unthreshed wheat heads to the threshing drum is installed in the straw walker system.

The presence in the combine of a relatively small number of parts allows to reduce the time of maintenance and increases its maintainability without reducing the quality of the process.

Четырёхкаскадная система очистки


Решетный стан

Optimum height difference, intensive counter movement of the straw walker keys guarantee you the most complete separation of the residual grain.


Four-stage cleaning system with a sieve area of 2.6 m2 is the optimal solution for maintaining stable operation of a small-class combine.

The cleaning system uses a two-section fan with curved profiled blades, which ensures uniform distribution of the air flow and high-quality blowing of the sieves. The fan speed is controlled from the cab.

Gentle unloading in optimal time


Grain tank with a volume of 2 000 litres is perfectly suited for small and medium-sized agricultural organizations with field yields 10-25 centner per hectare.

Gentle unloading and threshing make it possible to harvest crops for seeds, thereby expanding the range of harvested crops.

Processing of the non-grain part of the crop

In addition to laying in a swath, the long straw can be collected in shocks. The optional installation of a straw collector makes it possible.

Versatility when working on different crops

Whatever crop you grow, you can harvest it with the GS200 combine using our adapters.

You can get more detailed information about price, terms of purchase and deliveries of combines from a dealer in your region.






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