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Grain harvesting combine GS8

GOMSELMASH GS8 combine harvester is a combination of compactness and productivity, ideal for small and medium-sized agricultural organizations.

Зерноуборочный комбайн GS812 PRO

The simplicity of the GS8 combine, the benefits of classic threshing and separation system, the optimal cost of ownership of the combine make this model the most practical choice for confident work in fields with low and medium yields. The model is available in two configurations: PRO and PROFI.


Working at night, even with wide-angle adapters, will not be a problem for you, because the powerful LED VISION electric lighting system installed in LUX CAB is responsible for excellent visibility. In addition, the more convenient location of the side mirrors increases your observability and enhances driving safety.


The new generation LUX CAB meets your expectations of comfort and helps you stay efficient throughout the long shift.

LUX CAB общий вид

An air-suspension seat that is individually configured for you with available adjustments, a new steering column and steering wheel, all designed to reduce operator stress and fatigue, increase productivity, and therefore achieve maximum work results.

LUX CAB пульт

The HARVEST OFFICE system with a color display gives you the opportunity to simultaneously control the combine and provide real-time monitoring of the state of its main functional units, control the working parts, engine, transmission, the progress of work and service operations, and also inform you about the presence of warning and emergency situations.

HARVEST OFFICE in combination with the ergonomic U-PAD combine control panel and the MULTI GRIP multifunctional combine control joystick integrated into the armrest help to optimally set up the work and easily control the harvesting process under any conditions.

Also, to facilitate and increase the efficiency of your work, the combine has a system that allows you to adjust the working parts of the combine from the cab (threshing drum speed, concave clearance, fan speed) when changing crops.

Original constructional decisions and arrangement of the combine working systems provide maximum results by reasonable power consumption, which guarantees the optimal cost of which guarantees the optimal cost of harvested grain.

Reliability in simplicity

Наклонная камера

The GS8 combine is equipped with a feeder housing using three high quality structural chains. Thanks to the simple design of the conveyor, the plant mass passes stable along the feeder housing, while minimizing the bending load moment on the conveyor slats. Applied technical solutions prolong the life of key components of the feeder housing.

The GS8 feeder housing paired with a single-drum threshing and separating system creates minimal airflows, which minimizes dust formation in the working area of the header. This technology enable manage without additional dust removal devices, which increases reliability without additional financial costs.

Транспортеры наклонной камеры



Harvesting difficult crops won't be a problem, because the hydraulic reverse function allows you to harvest in a short time, saving time on cleaning the feeder housing and adapter.


The hydraulic multi-coupling for adapters reduces the time of their aggregation and makes this process less laborious.

Time-tested classic threshing and separation system

The GS8 combine is a bright representative of models with the classic DRUM-FLOW threshing and separation system with one threshing drum, beater and straw walker.

Классическое МСУ

Such a scheme, apart from enviable technological reliability, provides versatility of application and simplicity of maintenance. The large size of the drum (diameter 800 mm) and deck allows you to significantly soften the threshing mode without reducing the degree of threshing. The concave clearance required for optimal threshing is controlled by an electric mechanism from the cab.

The DRUM-FLOW system fully demonstrates its performance when working on difficult crops, such as high-straw and wet grain.

Молотильная установка

If there was a clogging of the concave you can quickly eliminate it without stopping the threshing drum using the DRUM RESET system, which is turns on by the pedal on the right under the seat. This operation will take you only a few seconds.

After threshing, the straw passes in a uniform flow through the straw walker, which is open at the bottom, ensuring reliable separation of almost all residual grain. Thanks to the finger grating of the returns pan, the grain heap is pre-distributed into two layers, which are evenly flow to the cleaning sieves. This system makes it possible to process even large volumes of straw quickly and easily.

The presence in the combine of a relatively small number of parts allows to reduce the time of maintenance and increases its maintainability without reducing the quality of the process.

Трёхкаскадная система очистки


Решетный стан

Optimum height difference, intensive counter movement of the straw walker keys guarantee you the most complete separation of the residual grain.


Three-stage cleaning system with a sieve area of about 4 m2 is the optimal solution for a medium-class combine and maintaining its stable performance.

5500 litres grain tank


Grain tank with a volume of 5500 litres is optimally suited for small and medium-sized farms with field yields 15-30 centner per hectare.

A full grain tank is emptied in less than 2 minutes thanks to an unloading speed of 40 l/s.

Harvesting in a short time is not a problem! With the help of the STICK CONTROL system, you can harvest high-moisture grain, thereby reducing the downtime of your machines.

The height and length of the unloading auger make it easy to unload grain into vehicles, even on combines with 7 meters headers.

Variety of work with straw

The GS8 combine is ready to meet the needs of many farms not only in the variety of harvesting, but also in the processing of the non-grain part of the crop.

For chopping and spreading straw the GS8 combine is equipped with the simple and reliable OPTI-CUT 24 straw chopper with a drum diameter of 503 mm and a rotation speed of 2136 rpm, which ensures high quality of the technical process without the use of additional functions.

If necessary, in addition to laying in a swath, the long straw can be collected in shocks weighing up to 300 kg. This will allow the optional installation of a straw collector with an impressive capacity of 12 m3.

Extended PROFI configuration

The GS8 combine is also available in the extended PROFI configuration. The differences of this model are the ARC radiator cleaning system, threshing drum reduction gear and automatic centralized lubrication system.

Двигатель Cummins

The YaMZ diesel engine installed in the GS8 PROFI combine allows to reduce operating costs and improve fuel efficiency. This inline six-cylinder diesel engine has a volume of 6.7 litres, rated power is 230 horsepower at 2000 rpm.

Thanks to the innovative ARC-SYSTEM, the radiator is cleaned by reverse airflow generated by a reversible fan that blows out all the dirt from an air inlet zone, which increases the performance of your combine and simplifies its maintenance.



Централизованная система смазки

To reduce the speed of the threshing drum when harvesting crops that are easily damaged, such as corn, sunflower, a reduction gear is installed on the GS8 PROFI combine.


The main advantages of the automatic central lubrication system are an increase in the reliability of the main components, a reduction in the maintenance time.

Versatility when working on different crops




Whatever crop you grow, you can harvest it with the GS8 and GS8 PROFI combines using our adapters.

You can get more detailed information about prices, terms of purchase and deliveries of combines from a dealer in your region.






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